Light from Africa

Judy Green, an African defender of traditional marriage, has been interviewed by the Coalition for Marriage. She explains that Western governments have been trying to foist their ideological views on Africa regarding gender fluidity and same-sex marriage. This is of course no surprise, seeing as we citizens of Western nations have it foisted onto us- annually, monthly, daily. Sometimes it comes from local government, sometimes from large corporations, universities, shops, banks and social media. Unfortunately for Africa, Richer nations are attaching strings to their trade relationships to try and force Africa into abandoning its faithfulness to common sense and a more Biblical world view. Thankfully, there are still intelligent and reasonable people in Africa who can see through this imperialistic attempt to make Africa conform to Western ideology.

Critics will point out that Africa’s Christianity was the result of forced conversions or at the very least pressure from the colonising powers. Yet in Great Britain’s empire, at least, this was seldom the case. Imperial administrators were wary of missionary endeavour, for the colonies’ governments were primarily focussed on trade, to which religious unrest might offer disruption. To suggest that large swathes of Africa embraced the gospel because of political or economic pressure is to belittle Africans and underestimate their intelligence and independence of thought. I go the other way, now. I see more moral sense in the capitals of Africa than in those of Europe and North America. If it can address financial corruption and the endless, internecine wars, Africa will be as bright a light to the nations as Europe and America once were.

Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God. Psalm 68:31
Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay