Look up!

Funerals rather than weddings seem to be more frequent events at my stage of life. So, it was a great delight to be invited to attend the marriage of two young people who attended our chapel during their gap year whilst working at Netherside Hall, Threshfield, home of Yorkshire camps.

Only eight minutes late, the beautiful bride joined her beloved groom at the front, before friends and family, to commit themselves to each other, with vows, before their God. Once the serious and legal formalities were completed, prayers offered, the word of God opened and preached upon, the newly weds and congregation disappeared down Long Lovers Lane to enjoy the wedding breakfast – albeit late afternoon by then!

Whist enjoying the celebrations of a BBQ in a quintessential English setting of a former hunting lodge/country house everyone’s attention was on the happy couple and the absolute joy of the whole day.However, hardly anyone seemed to notice the appearance of the sky above them until we were urged to look up.

Lo and behold, the bright blue sky was bedecked with the cloud phenomenon known as a ‘Mackerel Sky’ - cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds appearing in waves with gaps suggesting a likeness to the scaly skin of a fish. We gazed with wonder at the amazing cloud formations. So taken up were we with what was happening on the ground, we had been ignorant of what was happening above. 

Similarly, could there be a tendency for us to be so busy with legitimate temporal things but neglect the eternal, spiritual perspective?One day the Lord Jesus Christ will fulfil His promise that He will come again to earth – not as a baby to be the Saviour, but as Judge of the whole world. It is good not only to keep reminding ourselves, but also encouraging others to be watching and waiting for His return.

‘Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye shall see Him…’ Revelation1:7

‘Even so, come Lord Jesus!’ v22:20