Loos and Lizards

The Labour Party has averted a potential time bomb in the current culture wars. Eddie Izzard, the comedian who now chooses to identify as a woman, was seeking a safe Labour seat with which to enter Parliament. If he were to apply for a seat with an all-woman short list, would he be accepted? Labour is in love with trans ideology, so it would presumably have had to allow a biological male who identified as a woman to be considered along with actual women. Because the Labour Party now has so many female MPs, the need for such lists has been deemed unnecessary, and so the absurdity of Izzard featuring in one has been averted.

This potential of such an event happening exposes the flaws of the current debate. One cannot claim to be a protector and champion of women while pretending that men can be women at the same time. The concept of female-only prisons, which prevent most sexual abuse of female prisoners, crumbles when the system allows pretend-women, with male genitalia, free reign inside them. Having separate male and female toilets to safeguard the sexes from each others’ attentions is nullified if self-declared members of the other gender are allowed to use them without challenge.

Western society and culture have abandoned Christianity, along with the common sense and compassion with which it was endowed. We are reaping the whirlwind of secularism, eating the bitter fruits of our spiritual neglect.

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay