MacJez and her Successor

Many in my circles are rejoicing at the departure of Lady Macbeth, otherwise known as Nicola MacJezebel. Although a natural unionist, I concede that the Scots are a great people and have the right to secede from the Union and be an independent nation. I think this would be damaging to both nations, but especially the more northerly. Nevertheless, a case can be made, and the Scots will continue to decide for themselves. Yet Ms Sturgeon’s obsession with socially liberal policies on gender and the placing of male sexual predators in female prisons all because they decide to identify as women seemed to be her undoing. And rightfully so. This is appalling government, and the architect of such a policy must carry the can. One of her likely successors is Kate Forbes, a genuine Christian, whom I heard speak at a Christian event last year. That the Press is already putting her in the pillory for her faith demonstrates her Christian sincerity. Nevertheless, she was a part of Sturgeon’s Cabinet, and bears collective responsibility for her Leader’s actions. Forbes has criticised the UK government for vetoing the Scottish Parliament’s Gender Recognition Bill, while stating:

"But I...recognise it is not a priority right now for the people of Scotland, who are focused on other things."

‘Not a priority’? Forbes surely knows that the Bill was plain wrong, yet she weakly pretends her objections are simply a matter of mistaken priorities. Politics is a filthy slough of despond in which evangelicals typically sink, and the SNP in particular is a moral cesspit. Forbes already shows signs of contamination. A part of me hopes she does not obtain the Party’s leadership; we have too many compromised evangelicals (both in government and the state church) whose witness would be better preserved by holding more junior positions.

Give glory to the Lord your God
Before He causes darkness,
And before your feet stumble
On the dark mountains

Image by 8052601 from Pixabay