Marry and Heghan

Harry and Meghan Windsor’s documentary about their lives is much vaunted. Interested in the royal family though I am, I have no desire at all to watch it. Here are two narcissists attempting to capitalise on the terribly hard lives they have had to live. Despite the hype, they strike me as two of the most boring people in the world. Apart from association with the British Crown, Harry would have made a perfectly reasonable Major in the Army, and Meghan a comfortably off, C-list actress. Having gained worldwide attention on account of the lustre of royalty, the couple now bite the hands that fed them. The sooner they disappear into obscurity, the better. British royals should be seen and not heard; unfortunately, being heard and talked about seem to be the couple's primary ambition. Having walked away from the institution, they make just another tedious celebrity couple, famous for being famous.

People who turn their backs on Christ fare little better. No matter how interesting, intelligent or charming they are, their rejection of Him who is the reason for the universe’s existence inevitably renders them an eternal irrelevance. In contrast, the dullest bore who loves the Lord Jesus will fascinate the very angels of heaven.