Martin Bottom: The Real Meaning of Christmas

Our old friend 'Prophet Adam Arsden' has kindly agreed to write a guest piece on 'What is the true meaning of Christmas?'

Well hello again, folks! What a great year this has been! I have been moving so much in the prophetic that I shall certainly benefit from a good sit down, during which I will answer this very interesting question. The key to understanding Christmas is the gifts. It is all about giving and receiving, but hopefully receiving much more than you gave. Isn’t it annoying when you spend £1000 on someone’s present, but they spent a measly £700 on yours? You just wish you hadn’t bothered! Now there are some misinformed people out there who think that the glorious gospel of prosperity is just about making prophets (like me) and apostles (also me, starting in 2024) wealthier. No, no, no, nothing could be further from the truth. Christmas is about making us richer, not wealthier (I think there’s a difference in the Greek. Or is it Latin? I forget).

Let’s look at the wise men, for example. Are they famous because they gazed up at stars all their lives and wandered through the deserts? No, they are famous because they gave all that gold to Jesus, in the hope that God will give them more back. They also bought some less worthy gifts like myrrh and frankincense, but these were inappropriate in my mind, as they had to be sold in order to get their true value. The wise men had gold to start with and got more back when they finished. Even the shepherds brought a few lambs but I’m certain they went to their fields and found even more that they had forgotten about. When we sow generously, we reap gloriously!

So this year, please remember the true meaning of Christmas. It’s all about buying presents and getting presents back. Go shopping. Max the card. Open an Amazon account. Buy shiny paper. Baby Jesus is no longer around, sadly, but there are plenty of his prophets and apostles about, so maybe channel a few of his presents to them. For any who wish to place money directly in my bank account, thus saving the need for wrapping paper and shipping charges, you may obtain my account details on my website. Any who insist on sending an actual item to me, please remember to include the original receipt and to send it within 30 days of purchase, and in its orginial packaging, kindly ensuring that my statutory rights are not affected.

Have a generous Christmas and a wealthy new year!

BE BLESSED! I certainly am.

-Prophet Adam Arsden,

Martin Bottom Community Church, Rubble Valley: ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’, Revelation 3:17

Image by Bruno from Pixabay