Martin Bottom: Reducing our Services

Dear Regulars of Martin Bottom,

Some time ago, we wisely closed our evening meeting. Fewer people were attending and I thought it would be helpful to end it so we could better enjoy our days off from work without another interruption. Recently, we moved our morning meeting back to Zoom so people could enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes, without having the trouble of having to travel, get dressed or even get out of bed. So I have given even this some further thought. It seems unduly burdensome to expect people to have the hassle of opening a laptop or charging a tablet, or even just waking up in order to connect to the meeting and having to listen and pray. So, from next Sunday, let's not bother with that either. We hope you feel refreshed and blessed by this latest concession to your comfort and ease. This is the kind of Christianity we prefer. 

BE BLESSED! I certainly am.

Prophet Adam Arsden: ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’, Revelation 3:17

Martin Bottom Community Church, Rubble Valley

PS- Remember to keep paying me.