Mending the Roof

For a couple of weeks now, scaffolding has been up about the chapel, as a long-planned roof repair takes place. Various folk have asked me if we actually need to do it (which if we did not, we seem to have gone to a great deal of trouble for nothing). Of course, the leaks are not so bad; we might have delayed sorting it for another few years.

One older gentleman who worships with us recalled a farmer he once knew whose barn needed some roofing work. “When it rained, it leaked, and he could not fix it; when it was dry, he did nothing, because it didn’t need fixing”. Indeed! Hay should be made in the sunshine during those months when it is not needed. Roofs should be mended before they drip water onto heads. Relationships should be mended before hearts and hearing become hard. Sins should be forgiven before the summons to judgement is delivered and served.