Michaelmas Daisy

This Michaelmas daisy I observed flowering in September, as its name would suggest (Michaelmas being the 27th of that month). When most other flowers are dying off or much below par, so this little flower blooms when summer’s as good as finished.

The day after which this pretty flower is named commemorates the archangel Michael. I’m not a fan of commemorating angels, nor even regular Bible characters on particular days. So inclined are we to idolatry that we should soon corrupt commemoration into worship. Still, he is someone about whom the Bible would have us aware. Three times he features in the writings of Daniel, as well as Jude and Revelation, three books known for their apocalyptic overtones. I cannot say what cosmic battles and wars that archangel has waged, nor what such things have to do with me. Yet I can say that Michael is noteworthy primarily for his righteous beauty and faithfulness, rather than his martial prowess. Perhaps that is why so pretty and yet so dainty a flower should bear his name. And so with us: God seeks the faithful rather than the strong and mighty.

Michael the Archangel, Whittington, Lancs.