Missing Wallet

Since last Thursday I have been missioning in the beautiful Cotswolds. Last Saturday, before the evening evangelistic event, I was speaking at a Young Life conference in Bedford, 60 miles away.
On Sunday morning though I discovered that my coat, wallet and purse were missing. All day Sunday and indeed a little on the Monday too I was really perturbed by it, and couldn’t sleep on Sunday night. People in Bedford looked for it because I was sure (100%!) I had last seen it there. How wrong I was!
After the meeting on Monday night, the vicar of Moreton on Marsh in the Cotswolds came and told me that my coat was in his cupboard (I had been at his house on Friday), so my certainty about Bedford was completely wrong. The coat had never been there, even though I can still ’see’ it in my mind! Of course, by the time I discovered this I had cancelled all my cards - oh well!  But I have learned a big lesson. 
I think Satan had a go at me. Why was I so perturbed? I was reminded that I/we need the Lord’s protection in our emotions, our thinking and our reactions to every day occurrences.
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay