No Shadow of Turning in Jesus is Found

“The mountains shall depart.” Isa. 54:10                   

If Jesus is ours, we have a true Friend,
Whose goodness endures the same to the end;
Our comforts may vary, our frames may decline,
We cannot miscarry; our aid is divine.

Though God may delay to show us his light,
And heaviness may endure for a night,
Yet joy in the morning shall surely abound;
No shadow of turning in Jesus is found.

The hills may depart, and mountains remove,
But faithful thou art, O Fountain of Love.
The Father has graven our names on thy hands,
Our building in heaven eternally stands.

A moment he hid the light of his face,
Yet firmly decreed to save us by grace;
And though he reproved us, and still may reprove,
For ever he loved us, and ever will love.

W. Hammond, Gadsby's Hymns, No 343