Once Loved

Many photos were taken whilst accompanying a relative on a visit to one of the largest salvage/reclamation yards in North Yorkshire.

The fabulous maze of a warehouse, close to a busy main road, is crammed full inside with china, tools, stuffed animals, furniture, etc. You name it, they probably have it! Outside there is an equally overflowing court including among other things, an old tank, female statues, garden furniture, a telephone box, and chimney pots. What a collection!

Whilst browsing, I was amazed at how easily I was overcome with temptation to covet unusual objects that previously I had neither desire nor use for. Fortunately, having been brought up on the frugal side and not exactly being an impulse buyer, I allowed the purchasing side of the trip to be the prerogative of my afore mentioned relative. However, I could not help but take note of the name of the business – ‘LORDS’

Quite an appropriate shop for me as a committed Christian I mused. And then it struck me that this amazing emporium was full of hundreds and hundreds of items which, for whatever reason, people no longer desired/loved anymore. Even the various dealers only wanted to keep these objects on the premises for the shortest time possible, as every single object was immediately put up for sale!

How different it is with the Lord Jesus.

No matter how messy or ’chipped’ our lives have been, He never tires of loving us, and delighting in restoring our broken lives, thus bringing glory to His Name – the Lord of Lords.

'His forever only His

Who the Lord and me shall part?

Ah, with what a reat of bliss,

Christ can fill the loving heart.

Heaven and earth may fade and flee

Firstborn light in gloom decline.

But while God and I shall be

I am His and He is mine.'

G Robinson