Open Air: Not So Much As A Redcap

To begin, here are Stephen’s notes from the Open Air that I wrote about in the last newsletter; I was in such a hurry to get it finished that I didn’t have time to add them. My apologies!

I spent quite a long time talking to a man who just seemed to want to argue about anything but the Gospel. Jesus was a black man but his name wasn't Jesus it was Yeshua (or something like that). When Moses spoke of Egypt in Deuteronomy 28 he meant the USA, etc. I'm afraid I lost patience with him in the end and I said that our conversation wasn't heading anywhere useful or interesting.

At the end I spoke for a while with a Deliveroo rider called P**** from Brazil. He says that he is a believer but his girlfriend doesn't have any faith. I agreed to pray for him and his girlfriend.

If you want to know more about these folk, feel free to go back to last  Saturday's newsletter to refresh your memory. You might possibly want to bring them before the Lord again, as well…

And now, Stephen on last week.

Last Wednesday I wasn't on great form on account of a headache. Consequently, I avoided preaching and didn't try too hard at conversation either. However, I did give out quite a lot of tracts. We gave away 3 bibles altogether which was a big plus because we haven't had any requests for bibles for several weeks. The first one went to a student who is a believer but not presently attending a church. He also took a tract and a chapel leaflet. I also gave away a few more chapel leaflets and a John's Gospel to a young Muslim man.

I was asked for directions, where to catch a bus to Bolton, the whereabouts of a pub with a pool table, etc., not to mention the chap who wanted to know if I had any spice or weed or even a cigarette. (Do I look like a drug dealer?) The closest to a proper conversation was a young man who asked, "Does God know that Haaland will score tonight?" but not being on good form I didn't manage to follow this up well.

Despite Stephen’s indisposition (and all credit to him for carrying on regardless), I came away from the afternoon feeling very encouraged. Those who were listening towards the end of what I had to say were giving me their full attention. I spoke to two of them immediately afterwards, to P****, a Christian, and to his companion, T***, a Muslim. T***’s comment was: “I’m Muslim, and I agree with what you were saying!” which rather suggests that he didn’t quite follow everything I’d touched upon… However, it was an ideal opportunity to offer him a copy of “Why On Earth Did Jesus Come?” by John Blanchard, which he said he would read.

The forecast is for fine weather next Wednesday, so feel free to join us at 12.30pm or thereabouts, just opposite Superdrug. If you simply want to come and observe what goes on - without any pressure to take part - we will be happy to welcome you.

Please pray for us, and for any or all of those mentioned above, if the Lord lays it upon your heart to do so.

Every blessing!