Open Air: Tranquility

Here are Stephen’s recollections of last Wednesday’s Open Air.

The weather was fine last Wednesday and there were a good number of people about in Piccadilly Gardens, though just the 3 of us to take part in the outreach. I gave out 2 bibles to a man and his young teen daughter who doesn't live with him and I also gave out some 80 tracts.

I didn't have any significant conversations but there were a few snippets worth mentioning. Two people were passing by and when the man noticed that Jack was preaching he said to his companion, "Oh no, not another one!" My thoughts were, "Another one? What do you mean? There's nobody else like him."

One man who had been interrupting was directed my way. He didn't really want to talk as all he said was, "I wanted him to do a request for Hosea but he wouldn't do it" and he was on his way. I've no idea what he meant by that. Another man took one of Roger's tracts, looked at it and remarked, "Calvinist?" To be brief, I replied that it isn't a term that I tend to use but it isn't far from the mark. So he said, "Not John MacArthur, just Jesus" and he too was on his way.

There are only a few points to add to the above.

First Point. It was indeed fine and warm, with sunny intervals, but also: no buskers! Not a sight nor a sound of one all the time we were there! If you prayed for a quiet afternoon so that we could make ourselves heard, we thank you…

Second point. One of the few, brief interruptions came from a young man in a white tee shirt, black shorts and shades, who said that it was great to see us, and “Us Muslims, we love you Christians, we’re all brothers and we love you!” I told him to stay and listen to what we were preaching, but he suddenly remembered that he had an appointment elsewhere, and took himself off.

Third point. A man stopped to tell me that once saved, you were always saved, and that I should read from Hosea. He didn’t seem to be able to tell me why. I sent him off to talk to Stephen… See above.

Fourth point. While Stephen was speaking, I had a pleasant conversation with Dan, from Redeemer Church in Manchester. He introduced me to three young men from America, whom he described as ‘interns’, here from their parent church (or churches) for training and experience.

Fifth point: prayer. If the Lord puts it upon your heart to do so, please pray for one or more of the individuals mentioned above. Please pray also for Brendan, who is still struggling with knee problems, and for Brendan’s friend, who was attacked on holiday in the Canary Islands, and is now receiving treatment at home. Peter met a Polish man, a former Military Police officer suffering from PTSD, who asked for prayer for healing. Peter also mentioned a friend of his, J., who witnessed with text boards in and around Leeds, along with his father, for many years. He is now suffering from bowel cancer at the relatively young age of 42.

We will be in the usual place at the usual time time next Wednesday, God willing - but, so far, it’s just Peter and me on parade. If anyone else would like to come and support us, we would be most grateful for your help.

Every blessing, and many thanks to those who support us in prayer.