An Open Chapel

Since the late Queen’s death, I have begun the custom of attending the chapel each Wednesday. I take my laptop, Bible and commentaries and use the time to prepare for the week ahead. Much of what you read on this site is now composed at the chapel. It is useful to be away from home with its distractions and chores, and to concentrate on prep.

On the other hand, it is also a great time for people to drop in and share a pot of tea. Church members, people on the fringes, other pastors and passers-by have all called in, affording me a break from my poring and an opportunity to minister. We are not some city church with plenty of passing footfall, nor a remote rural parish whose doors are never locked, but this new arrangement seems to be profitable. Doubtless, the day shall come when my books and I receive no visitors at all. Yet here is an opportunity to talk, to pray, to discuss and to fellowship. You are welcome to join me between 12 and 4.30. If you come from afar, check the bulletin, lest I am away or unable to come.