Out of the Pipette Squeezer

This week I heard Rebecca Manley Pippert, the acclaimed Christian celebrity evangelist. She added a certain degree of class to the conference, with her big US hairstyle and sparking jewellery. Her website coos:

Becky Pippert, global conference speaker, evangelist and author of eleven books. Becky’s worldwide best-selling book, Out of the Saltshaker & into the World established Becky as a leading expert on personal evangelism. Becky is in demand internationally to speak on living life as an effective witness for Christ. Her latest book, Stay Salt, is the fruit of decades of experience in evangelism around the world.

Impressive, eh? She was a great speaker, never short of a personal anecdote, a heart-warming tale of wonderful conversion, a home-spun pearl of wisdom. Yet this articulate and winsome communicator also confessed to messing up, coming on too strongly, failing to listen to what the people she encountered were saying. It was refreshing to detect humility in one so respected. Like we Toms, Dicks and Harrys, many of the conversations of personal evangelism she shares do not result in a recitation of the sinner’s prayer or a Philippian jailer’s earnest plea to be saved. Often, we share the gospel in small doses over a period of time, seeing few immediate results. Like a pipette, we drop what truth we can, in the hope that God’s word and Spirit will do what they do so well- save sinners.  

For who has despised the day of small things? Zechariah 4:10