Owl Light

A couple of weeks ago, I cycled home after our Bible Study. It was the week we had the bad snow, but only a light covering was on the lanes that night, though my hands were bitterly cold, despite donning leather gloves. On a stretch of Brogden Lane, a barn owl was pleased to fly about twelve feet ahead of me, at my speed, for about half a mile. He would hover and fly in succession, to keep to my pace. It was a rather gratifying experience, which made the discomfort of the journey the more worthwhile. I dare not stop to take a photo; my fingers were too cold and the owl might just swoop away. I pondered why the owl behaved in this way.

Barn owls can see remarkably well in the dark, hunting their hidden prey. I believe that he was using the light from my bike’s front light to complement his own vision. The verge was illuminated by my bicycle, and the owl saw an opportunity and took advantage. We Christians have all the light we need contained within God’s word. Yet when we read good Christian books, we may take advantage of their respective authors’ experiences and understandings. We do not need to read the puritans, or commentaries, or biographies, but the wisest Christians often do. My owlish friend did not employ my additional light because he was blind, but because he was wise.

When shadows thick were falling,
and all seemed sunk in night,
thou, Lord, didst send thy servants,
thy chosen sons of light.
On them and on thy people
thy plenteous grace was poured,
and this was still their message,
one Church, one Faith, one Lord.

-Edward Plumptre

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay