Pagan Visions

Found near the site of the old Roman bath houses of Bath in Wiltshire, at which I called this autumn, is a stone altar. Upon it is written:

Novanti fil(ius)

pro se et suis

ex visu possuit

Which is translated:

..son of Novantius set this up for himself and

his family as the result of a vision.

Notwithstanding the fact that God may communicate however He sees fit, one must evidently acknowledge that pagans and members of non-Christian religions receive visions. Some may be from God, such as that given to Mrs Pilate, others may come from an over fertile imagination, whereas some may originate from Satan and his host. Evil usually counterfeits what our God does. He gave us the scriptures; the false religions give us many more tomes. God gives visions, so too the prince of hell. God raised up prophets, so rose up others in Baal's horrid service. The origin of Novantius’ son's vision is unclear, and so too what he saw, but unless it brought him to a closer understanding of heaven’s one, true God, its author was likely evil. Visions, miracles and experiences are not proof of God’s intervention or endorsement. Would that He would speak to us through His word which is a thousand times more trustworthy and reliable!

Often through my heart is pealing

  Many another voice than Thine,

Many an unwilled echo stealing

  From the walls of this Thy shrine.

Let Thy longed-for accents fall;

Master, speak! and silence all.

-Frances Ridley Havergal