Parliament Aborts Irony

Her Majesty’s Government suffered a defeat last week. A free vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon of 215 to 188 forced the government to abandon its plan to end the two-year trial of the home abortion scheme, which was brought in temporarily when Covid struck in spring 2020. The Guardian newspaper purred:

The decision will benefit tens of thousands of women every year who want to take the two tablets needed to end a pregnancy in the privacy of their own home rather than having to take the first at a clinic or hospital.

I am guessing it will not benefit the tens of thousands of babies who continue to be killed in the privacy of their own ‘homes’. With some irony, that very week, The Sun reported:

HEARTBROKEN parents have relived the tragic day their babies died, due to catastrophic mistakes made by the medics delivering them.

They have told their harrowing tales of ignored deadly infections and skull fractures, after a report laid bare the worst maternity scandal in NHS history. It confirmed over 200 babies and nine mums died needlessly while in the care of a Midland's trust.

Bereft mums and dads doggedly pushed to have their cases properly investigated for years, after their horrific experiences. Today, the damning Ockenden Report was released - detailing nearly two decades worth of errors and failures in care.

This is, of course, a horrible tragedy, the pain of which cannot be underestimated. Those same MPs in Parliament are ‘demanding answers’ and want to know ‘what the government is going to do about it’.

I have said it before, and I have no doubt I shall say it again: modern Britain has been vaccinated against irony, common sense and theological truth.

Image by CalinM from Pixabay