Police Pride in Lincolnshire

I sometimes think that Lancashire Constabulary is the most politically correct force in the land, marching in Pride events instead of solving crimes and making our roads safer. Lincolnshire Constabulary evidently offers them some competition in this respect, for a video of four of their officers dancing in a Pride march was released last week. Instead of enquiring why his officers were not doing their jobs by actually policing the event, the Chief Constable, Chris Haward, weakly explained that he thought that policing was about "engagement, understanding and being part of the community" and that "Pride is one of the many wonderful community events in the county we are there to police, but also to allow people to look behind the uniform and see who we are," he said. Blah, blah, blah. Lincolnshire Live reported, only the week before, that a man was found with stab wounds at an Ingoldmells caravan park. I am sure the victim’s family will be consoled to know that Lincolnshire Police are dedicating all their available resources to obtain justice. Meanwhile in the county town, weekend-long dispersal orders have been put in place to try and end the mass fights which were taking place. Again, I have no doubt that Lincoln’s shopkeepers and elderly residents will feel that little bit safer knowing that four officers were having a great time dancing in the streets, while a few blocks away thugs and hooligans were beating each other up.

British police are increasingly preoccupied by certain ideologies and monitoring people’s opinions. If you cannot get hold of a cop, tell the switchboard that someone has shared a homophobic joke or that there is a gay anthem being played to which they might dance- they’ll be round in a flash. Many of our police do a great job under tough conditions, and I am as grateful as anyone to know they are there. Yet I wish the donkeys that lead these lions would stick to what they’re paid to do. Leave the posturing and the slogans to politicians, and concentrate on keeping us safe on the streets and in our homes. Let us pray that our police forces drop their preoccupations and concern for 'correct' ideological grounding. 

Image by dagmarbendel from Pixabay