Poor Old Dears! Isn't it Pathetic?

There is a wonderful election poster displayed at Manchester’s People’s History Museum from 1929. It shows two old gents in decidedly old-fashioned attire greeting a ‘lady voter’ as though it were a generation back. The two are David Lloyd George of the Liberals and Stanley Baldwin of the Tories. Closer to the recently enfranchised woman is Ramsay MacDonald, the Labour leader, who looks altogether more modern in his trilby and turned-down collar (though note the Edwardian, handlebar moustache). Here, Labour is presented as modern and forward-looking, better atuned to the voter than the grand old men of the older parties with their top hats, archaic courtesy and morning dress. 

2024 will witness another UK General Election with Labour the likely beneficiary of the voters’ ballot. The party is certainly appearing fresher and more stable than the current Conservative administration. A period of retirements for the latter and experience for the former will likely rejuvenate both parties, and benefit the country overall. The problem today is that the major parties are sold out to transgender ideology, each trying to out-do the other in appearing fresh and modern. I would vote for the party that says:

“There is man and woman, and each human being is one or the other”.  

It shows how low the country and fallen when any party that can claim to adhere to basic biology and general observation does enough to warrant my vote. Poor old dears! Isn't it pathetic?