Premier Radio, Catholic Woes

I occasionally listen to Premier Christian Radio. Some of the music I like, and the occasional Bible reading is a pleasant contrast to Classic FM's tedious adverts. Nevertheless, I was somewhat bemused by an item it shared a few weeks ago. A man was talking about how his church was short of funds, and was urging people to give more, both to his denomination and in general. He made some sensible points, but as he finished speaking, he was described a spokesman for the Scottish Roman Catholic Church. Rome peddles a counterfeit gospel of works+grace which is utterly contrary to New Testament teaching. That Premier Radio is too blind to see this, demonstrates that its management has as much spiritual discernment as a bucket of damp sawdust. Furthermore, the Catholic Church screwed my ancestors for all it could, so I have zero sympathy for its current financial woes. If the old harpy must pawn her jewellery and gaudy silks, she will be the better exposed for what she is: old, wrinkled paganism under a thin Christian chiffon.  

Image by leonnoellp11 from Pixabay