Qatar & the West's Patronising Lectures

Am I alone is finding tiresome the various British football associations and teams lecturing the Qataris on how to run a country? Demanding that they subscribe to the West’s godless ‘liberalism’ is patronising at best and downright arrogant at worst. That an Islamic nation would be so brazen in its adherence to traditional, Islamic ethical teaching is an affront to modern Britain’s keepers of morality, like Gary Lineker and Gareth Southgate. That the conservative Arab state does not wish to see same-sex relationships flaunted and advertised in public is a downright impertinence to our footballing establishment. Shouldn't these predominantly brown-skinned countries not look to the predominantly white West for their moral lead? Not to do so is a cheek and an impertinence. I daresay Arabs look at the state of modern Britain and say “no thanks” when offered their own version.

Rabid secularism has all but destroyed Christianity in Europe; the Guardianistas just cannot understand how religion holds such sway over other lands. They are used to religious leaders fawning over them, regularly updating their protocols and standards to neatly meet establishment liberals’ latest expectations. These Islamic imams and mullahs just so don’t play ball, at least not to our rules. Demanding a team wear rainbow arm bands and/or take the knee before a match is trite and haughty. The West is morally bankrupt; it is greedy, libertine and hypocritical. We have no lectures or lessons to offer the rest of the world.

Image by Rosy - The world is worth thousands of pictures from Pixabay