Queer Fish

At the large aquarium in Liverpool city centre, the staff are gallantly attempting to better educate the public. As well as improving our general knowledge of oceanic life and the need to not pollute our rivers and seas, they wish to make us better informed about all things LGBTQ+. Some would say this is not much to do with fish and that the aquarium’s staff would better spend their time on what they are good at, but others will salute their contribution to what is quickly becoming our national ideology, our patriotic orthodoxy. As well as explaining what the various Pride flags mean (which is a tall order considering their range, and the complex folk they claim to represent), the aquarium staff have tried to prove that some fish are lesbian, bisexual and trans.

So anyone who thinks that trans-ideology is at odds with basic biology, allow yourself to be corrected by the impartial experts of Liverpool Aquarium. Doubtless, they are already desperately searching for pansexual sharks, non-binary whales, abrosexual squid, aromantic seahorses and demigender turtles. We know the ideology is correct, we just now need the evidence to prove we were right all along. Just remember to always trust the science, because scientists are impartial, evidence-based people, and never tell lies. 

And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit. Ecc 1:17