Reeves's Pheasant

As I cycled by West Marton, I beheld a bird I could not identify. While pheasant-like, it was not like our native species. It turned out to be a Reeves's Pheasant, originally from China. It enjoyed rather spectacular plumage and had head feathers giving it the appearance of an armed robber. As well as its peculiar looks, I marvelled at its willingness to let me approach. I took many pictures, fearing it would run off into the undergrowth, or fly away, but it merely watched me as I got within a few feet of it. I could not tell if it was stupid (pheasants typically are), not realising the potential danger I posed, or highly intelligent (realising I posed no danger at all). Was it blind to my presence, or was it sufficiently insightful to see into my heart and judge my intentions? Either way, it did not budge.

Some people embrace the gospel because they, being highly educated and informed, have weighed the evidence and perceived its wonderful logic. Others simply hear its simple message, and, like little children, accept it. Whether you be a simple believer, or a thoughtful apologist, the result is the same:

Whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. John 11:26