Ribchester Mission Room

On a brick-built structure in the Lancashire village of Ribchester is a stone upon which is written:




These words and phrases appear contradictory in early- to mid-twentyfirst-century Britain. Evangelicals in the Church of England are under increasing pressure to shake the dust from their feet as their denomination spirals further into Baal worship and the equality cult. Many of those parishes which reject the bishops’ wokology can hardly be described as Protestant, and precious few Anglican churches are strong enough to engage in mission- keeping the doors open for a monthly service is difficult enough. Indeed, so few now adhere to the old state church that its name is itself open to question, as is the word ‘church’- a gathered community of Christ’s redeemed people.

I noted this Mission Room’s ingenious brickwork, reflecting, I thought, the equally difficult attempt to marry the various terms above its doorway. If it was not easy in 1898 when it was constructed, it is well nigh impossible in 2023. Suffice to say, the building is being transformed into a dwelling. 

Let us pray for our brethren in the state church, that those who leave will experience God's wonderful provision, and those who remain will shine what light they can into the gathering gloom.