Rock Crane's-bill

This rock crane's-bill I found growing by the Yorkshire village of Rylstone while descending the large hill that looms above it. The leaves are aromatic when crushed, and the plant is a source of aromatherapeutic essential oils. Although the flowers may offer scent freely, the leaves require crushing if they are to produce sweet aroma.

Do not marvel that the Lord allows your humiliation or even crushing. In Genesis 8, the Lord smelled a sweet savour, but only after the burnt offerings died; in His people, He enjoys the savour of Christ, but only when their own hearts are broken and self-importance vanquished.

Happy the man that bears the stroke
 Of his chastising God;
 Nor stubbornly rejects the yoke,
 Nor faints beneath his rod.

They who the Lord’s correction share
 Have favour in his eyes;
 As kindest fathers will not spare
 Their children to chastise.

Thy Lord for nothing would not chide;
 Thou highly shouldst esteem
 The cross that’s sent to purge thy pride,
 And make thee more like him.

For this correction render praise;
 ’Tis given thee for thy good.
 The lash is steeped he on thee lays,
 And softened in his blood.

[Know, whom the Saviour favours much,
 Their faults he oft reproves;
 He takes peculiar care of such,
 And chastens whom he loves.]

Then kiss the rod; thy sins confess;
 It shall a blessing prove;
 And yield the fruits of righteousness –
 Humility and love.

 -Jospeh Hart, No 871 in Gadsby's Hymns