Sound Gospel Hall

I find the Open Brethren to be the most convivial Christian groups in Shetland, and to their mid-week worship did we repair while visiting. There are other places where gospel truth is still preached, but also plenty of others where it is either denied or embellished. Although the Brethren have some peculiarities (like us all), their meeting was both reverential and welcoming. We were treated to an exposition on Nehemiah 8, as well as two rather moving, unaccompanied hymns from The Believers’ Hymbook. The part of town in which they meet is Sound (pronounced “soond”), thus rendering them the Sound Gospel Hall. Not all Brethren are sound- the Taylorite Exclusives resemble a cult if e’er there was one. So what does make a church a sound one, other than being located in a place called Sound?

  • The Lord Jesus’ glory is uppermost
  • The Bible is the rule of faith, doctrine and conduct
  • Worldly fads and ideologies are eschewed, especially when contrary to biblical truth
  • Fellowship and platforms with gospel-deniers are not shared
  • The age-old good news of sins forgiven is proclaimed and shared
  • No ‘new light’ from additional revelation is received

I pray God keeps Salem safe and sound.