Stained Glass of Christ Church, Teddington

Few stained-glass windows impress me. They tend to be either dull Victorian depictions of biblical stories casting patrons and benefactors as the apostles, or, more interestingly, surviving medieval pieces, but with an idolatrous bent. I am glad we have none at Salem Chapel; I would resent the loss of light while likely disdaining the image. Admittedly, purely coloured glass with no depictions can be rather nice in the right setting. Yet this summer, I found some stained glass which I actually loved. At Christ Church, Teddington, near London, there is a window behind the pulpit that does not detract from the preaching, but confirms it. Though obviously modern, it shows the dove and the cross, while quoting the words of the Lord Jesus from John 15:13. Furthermore, it looks exceedingly stylish. 

Features in our church buildings should either support and affirm the preaching of God’s word, or be ignored or removed.