Superficially Black

His Majesty’s present government does not seem to be improving its popularity ratings. The latest budget, though radical, may be akin to paying our heating bills on the children’s credit card. The pound slides (not totally bad news) and there is a feeling that better off folk are now, well, better off. His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Labour Party, are rightly sensing an important opportunity, and are consequently preparing to win the next general election. Sir Keir has moved the party back towards the centre, which in British elections is called having electability. Still, some of the party’s loons still try their best to make their Leader’s job of getting them into government all the harder. MP Rupa Huq, herself a member of an ethnic minority, was recorded at the party's conference claiming that the Conservative Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, whose family comes from Ghana, was only ‘superficially black’. She has since apologised and Labour have suspended her, but it demonstrates that the new racism of the Left is alive and well. Although the right-wing skinheads and thugs of the 1970s still exist, they are receiving stiff competition from the woke Left. For the latter, black people are always an oppressed minority, always under the boot, always in need of a preferential treatment and allowances as they grapple with inherent racism. The Chancellor does not fit that mould. He is wealthy, educated and right-of-centre. Having risen to the second most senior office in the land, he announced a budget that was Thatcherite in its character. One may doubt its effectiveness, even its intentions, but to suggest that its author was somehow not a proper black man because his economic views do not conform to the Left’s stereotype in appalling and lazy racism.

Black people are not intrinsically left-wing, or oppressed, or lacking intelligence or aspiration. They, like all other races, were designed by God to flourish and prosper. Though their hearts, like all others', have been corrupted by Adam the First’s rebellion, God would redeem them through Christ and re-make them in His divine image.

Racial slurs and prejudices are wrong and inaccurate no matter what the source, the manner of expression, or the initial intention. May God deliver us all from this most obnoxious form of discord.

Image by Georg Langbehn from Pixabay