Theologically Drained


At Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire is a signpost to one of the area’s most exciting tourist attractions. One wonders why so many attend the local beach when the alluring prospect of the local Drainage Museum is but a short walk from the beach’s car park. Now I am fond of museums, but I did not find myself prepared to pester my hosts to take me there. Drainage is important, vitally important, but it is not something in which I need to be expert.

Theologically, there is much I do not understand. How can a just and loving God choose some and not others? How will I enjoy the delights of heaven if there is an eternal hell below? Why do I still sin if the Holy Spirit lives within me? How can I pray to a God who is sovereign? I may appreciate the value of drainage while neither understanding its historical development, not immersing myself in its technicality. Likewise, I can trust God and love His truth without fully comprehending, reconciling and overcoming those supposed loose ends which my finite mind cannot fathom.