Today's Hymn: Alone Upon the Mount of God

Alone Upon the Mount of God

Alone upon the mount of God I stand,
With silenced heart His voice to hear;
’Tis love itself hath led this hungry soul
Unto the place of vision clear.

How wonderful amid this hush divine,
Entranced, God’s beauty to behold;
To wait whilst deep with deep doth meet and merge,
And love its secrets doth unfold.

Within the shadow of almighty love,
This soul at last hath found its home,
Embosomed in the faithfulness of Him
From whom it nevermore shall roam.

O blessèd heights of fellowship with God,
Where love creative reigns supreme,
And springs of never-failing healing rise,
To gladden, strengthen and redeem.

O heart of God, Thy grace and tenderness
Now wraps this ravished soul around;
No human mind could e’er conceive the joy
In fellowship with Thee here found.

E.C.W. Boulton

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton