Today's Hymn: Heidelberg Paraphrase

Heidleberg Paraphrase


My comfort is, in life and death,

That I am not my own,

But I belong to Jesus Christ

Who left His heav’nly throne

To live a life I could not live,

Obedient to God’s will,

And die a death I could not die,

On bleak Golgotha’s hill.


He fully paid for all my sins

With his most precious blood,

And set me free from Satan’s power

That I might live to God.

He will preserve me all my days

In body and in soul;

Each hair upon my head is in

My Father’s sure control.


He gives me everlasting life

With all who love His Name,

For those who hope in Jesus Christ

Will not be put to shame,

But by the Holy Spirit’s power

Can stand assured of this

That every sheep of Jesus’ flock

Will share eternal bliss.


While I remain upon this earth

To please Him is my aim:

To serve Him now, to glorify

My faithful Saviour’s Name;

All else may change, but Christ remains

My Rock, my Cornerstone.

My comfort is, in life and death,

That I am not my own.


© Colin R Reeves, 2020

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton