Today's Hymn: How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place

How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place

How lovely is Thy dwelling place,
O Lord of hosts, to me!
The tabernacles of Thy grace
How pleasant, Lord, they be!

My thirsty soul longs vehemently,
Yea faints, Thy courts to see:
My very heart and flesh cry out,
O living God, for Thee.

Behold, the sparrow findeth out
A house wherein to rest;
The swallow also for herself
Hath purchasèd a nest,

E’en Thine own altars, where she safe
Her young ones forth may bring,
O Thou almighty Lord of hosts,
Who art my God and King.

Blest are they in Thy house that dwell;
They ever give Thee praise.
Blest is the man whose strength Thou art,
In whose heart are Thy ways.

Samuel Arnold

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton