Today's Hymn: Lord, It is Eventide

Lord it is Eventide

Lord, it is eventide: the light of day is waning;
Far o’er the golden land earth’s voices faint and fall;
Lowly we pray to Thee for strength and love sustaining,
Lowly we ask of Thee Thy peace upon us all.
Oh, grant unto our souls –

Light that groweth not pale with day’s decrease,
Love that never can fail till life shall cease;
Joy no trial shall mar, hope that shineth afar,
Faith serene as a star, and Christ’s own peace.

Lord, it is eventide: we turn to Thee for healing,
Like those of Galilee who came at close of day;
Speak to our waiting souls, their hidden founts unsealing;
Touch us with hands divine that take our sin away.
Oh, grant unto our souls –

Saviour, Thou knowest all, the trial and temptation,
Knowest the wilfulness and waywardness of youth:
Help us to cling to Thee, our strength and our salvation,
Help us to find in Thee the one eternal Truth.
Oh, grant unto our souls –

Lord, it is eventide: our hearts await Thy giving,
Wait for that peace divine that none can take away,
Peace that shall lift our souls to loftier heights of living,
Till we abide with Thee in everlasting day.
Oh, grant unto our souls –

Colin Sterne

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton