Today's Hymn: None is like Jeshurun’s God

None is like Jeshurun’s God

None is like Jeshurun’s God,
So great, so strong, so high;
Lo! He spreads His wings abroad,
He rides upon the sky:
Israel is His first-born son;
God, th’almighty God, is thine;
See Him to Thy help come down,
The excellence divine.

Thee the great Jehovah deigns
To succour and defend;
Thee the eternal God sustains,
Thy Maker and thy Friend:
Israel, what hast thou to dread?
Safe from all impending harms,
Round thee and beneath are spread
The everlasting arms.

In a land of corn and wine
His lot shall be below;
Comforts there, and blessings join,
And milk and honey flow;
Jacob’s well is in his soul;
Gracious dews his heavens distil,
Fill his soul, already full,
And shall for ever fill.

Blest, O Israel art thou!
What people is like thee?
Saved from sin by Jesus, now
Thou art and still shalt be;
Jesus is thy sevenfold shield,
Jesus is thy flaming sword;
Earth, and hell, and sin shall yield
To God’s almighty Word.

Charles Wesley

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton