Today's Hymn: Oh, my Lord, how great is Your name

O My Lord

Oh, my Lord, how great is Your name

Oh, my Lord, how great is Your name!
Let all creation praise You, praise You!
Yesterday, now, forever the same;
High on your throne, above the angels.
From the lips of children
You have ordained praise;
While all Your enemies
Stand silent and amazed.

When I consider all You have made -
The works of Your mighty hands - I praise you!
Moons and the stars and suns in their place;
A universe that’s never ending.
Miracle of miracles!
That You should know my name.
Who am I that You should care?
And yet Your love is everywhere.

 And oh! How great! Oh! How great!
Lord, we praise Your name!

John Pantry, after psalm 8

(Copyright: Ears and Eyes)

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singer: Hilary Ashton