Today's Hymn: Restore, O Lord

Restore, O Lord

Restore, O Lord,
The honour of Your name!
In works of sovereign power
Come shake the earth again,
That men may see,
And come with reverent fear
To the living God,
Whose kingdom shall outlast the years.

Restore, O Lord,
In all the earth Your fame,
And in our time revive
The church that bears Your name,
And in Your anger,
Lord, remember mercy,
O living God,
Whose mercy shall outlast the years.

Bend us, O Lord,
Where we are hard and cold,
In Your refiner’s fire;
Come purify the gold:
Though suffering comes,
And evil crouches near,
Still our living God
Is reigning, He is reigning here.

Graham Kendrick and Chris Rolinson, Copyright © 1981 Thankyou Music

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton