Today's Hymn: We Come unto our Father’s God

We Come unto our Father’s God

We come unto our fathers’ God;
Their Rock is our salvation;
Th’eternal arms, their dear abode,
We make our habitation:
We bring Thee, Lord, the praise they brought;
We seek Thee as Thy saints have sought
In ev’ry generation.

The fire divine, their steps that led,
Still goeth bright before us;
The heavenly shield around them spread
Is still high holden o’er us;
The grace those sinners that subdued,
The strength those weaklings that renewed,
Doth vanquish, doth restore us.

The cleaving sins that brought them low
Are still our souls oppressing;
The tears that from their eyes did flow
Fall fast, our shame confessing;
As with Thee, Lord, prevailed their cry,
So our strong prayer ascends on high
And bringeth down Thy blessing.

Their joy unto their Lord we bring;
Their song to us descendeth;
The Spirit who in them did sing
To us His music lendeth;
His song in them, in us, is one;
We raise it high, we send it on,
The song that never endeth.

Ye saints to come, take up the strain,
The same sweet theme endeavour:
Unbroken be the golden chain;
Keep on the song for ever;
Safe in the same dear dwelling place,
Rich with the same eternal grace,
Bless the same boundless Giver.

Thomas Hornblower Gill

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singing: Hilary Ashton