Tom Hanks and Door Knocking

Much celebrity nonsense, which bombards us from various media outlets, often emanates from Hollywood’s ‘far from reality’ world of success, money and fame. So, it was quite refreshing for me to hear some words of wisdom recently from one of their best, well-known and loved actors, Tom Hanks.

Unusually for me, one night I tuned in to Classic FM’s radio programme, ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’. (This was a little ironic as I rarely have the time nor desire to grace a cinema with my presence. The ticket prices alone are not inviting – I would rather heat my home in our present economic climate!)

Tom Hanks was being interviewed by Andrew Collins about the various successful films he has appeared in, including his latest. The revealing snippets which I heard were fascinating, including this question which Tom Hanks posed and then answered himself:

How can you help your neighbourhood?

First, knock on the door and ask how they are. Then, “Can I help you? Is there any way I can help you?” 

And secondly, ask them for help with something. 

Such simple advice, yet how often have I neglected to make these positive steps to engage with my neighbours. Maybe, I have been too proud to ask others for help, forgetting that many people desire to be wanted and useful. Also, his answers made me think of another way in which to help our neighbourhoods; tell people about Jesus and how they can know come to know Him.

The greatest act of kindness anyone can do is to introduce them to the One who left Heaven to dwell on earth. He said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” He was fully God and fully human. He performed miracles, showed compassion, and mixed with outcasts. But His raison d’être was not simply to be a healer or a teacher. He came because He loves us. He came because He was to die on a cruel cross to purchase redemption for a sinful world. Then, as He said He would, He rose from the dead and has gone to prepare a place for those who have believed and repented of their sins.

Such a wonderful message should surely motivate us to swallow our pride, pluck up courage and get to know and be of help to those around us.

‘And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as He commanded us.’ 1 John 3:23 

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