Tree Mallow

This tree mallow is growing at the front of our chapel by that rather peculiar stone on the corner. I can think of better places for it to be, but providence directed that its seed fell on that spot. They usually grow to 2 metres in height, occasionally three. For want of root space here, I would be surprised if it grows much taller at all.

The species is remarkable for two facts. The first is that it survives in salt water and well as fresh, secreting the saline though its leaves. There is little danger of our testing that claim at landlocked Rimington. The second is that though the plant may live several years, it will always die the summer after it flowers. It is not some perennial, seeking life for its own sake, but only to give floral joy to the world, once.

We Christians live to produce fruit for our Creator; sometimes the climate in which we grow is hostile and unwelcoming, but God gives us the strength to bear it much as He gives the mallow tolerance to persevere. However old or young you are, however mature or immature your faith, seek fruit in your Christian life, even though you dwell on stony ground or your roots have been soaked in bitter waters. 

By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. John 15:8