Truth Strainer

As an election approaches, politics is very slowly becoming interesting again. Lord Ashcroft alleges that Northwest Labour MP Angela Rayner bought her former council house in Stockport with a 25% cent discount in 2007 under 'right-to-buy', a scheme introduced by Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1980. She is said to have made a £48,500 profit when selling the house eight years later. This is all perfectly legal and something of which Lady T would approve: why should only the wealthy draw profit from property?  

Although other issues have been raised such as the possibility of the need to pay Capital Gains Tax (which the MP has denied and a police investigation has ruled out), Ms Rayner also happens to be Shadow Housing Minister, and is highly likely to be a principal member of His Majesty’s Government before this year is through. As actual Housing Minister, she may put a stop to people’s right to buy their council house, pulling up the ladder after her. Even if this Thatcherite policy is left intact, there is still something a little odd about a socialist buying up a state-owned asset and then selling it at profit. So is Ms Rayner Hypocrite of the Year, or a smart manager of her family finances, seizing legitimate opportunities when she finds them? I suspect the voters at Ashton don’t mind, and she will be returned at the next election with a stomping majority, her new ministerial Jag waiting to sweep her into Whitehall.

If politicians must always keep a close eye on their conduct, so too the Christian. The British Press is known for its tenacity and dogged obstinacy, but it is nothing compared to the Accuser of the Brethren. Thankfully, we have an Advocate with the Father who can perfectly address his charges, yet it would, I think, be better if we avoided any misconduct to begin with.

Image by 627389 from Pixabay