Twatt Church

There is old Presbyterian church in Orkney which some might consider to located in an an unfortunately named place, Twatt. In vulgar English, though without the second t, it may refer to anatomy, an obnoxious male or, when used as a verb, a beating. It is the Orcadian equivalent of the English suffix -thwait, both referring to a small piece of land in the old Norse. So whatever its modern connotations, it never was a very grand or impressive place, though the views are fine enough.

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current life, your current location, your current position. By all means improve it if you can, but never forget that our service for the Lord is often in obscure and dirty places. We are seldom held in high regard or esteem by the world, and very few of us are deemed noble or wise. The Christian’s fame, respect and reward come when he stands before the Lord. Until then, let us labour on in obscure places.