This beautiful Weigela I found growing in the grounds of Egremont Castle in Cumbria. Its origins lie in the far east, in such places as Korea and China, yet here it is in a far corner of north-western England. They were brought here by a botanist called Robert Fortune, who died in 1880. As the world opened up in the nineteenth century, courtesy of European imperialism and capitalism, exotic plants from afar increasingly graced our native soils.

When the Lord God enriched our planet, with either flora or mineral resources, such as oil or gas, He did not so uniformly, equally distributing them across every continent and country. The world He made was diverse, with varying localities and regions. Humans were to trade with each other, swapping the good things of their own areas for the good things of others’. And this is why we share our faith. We who are blessed with the knowledge of God and His saving work in Christ, would offer it to those without. We want nothing in exchange, save the glory of God and the salvation of people. Once we sent missionaries to China and Korea; would to God, they send us some back.