Won't Stay in the UK

The Metro reports that Will Young, the pop singer, ‘won’t stay in the UK' if the Tories win the next election. The prospect of this bore’s departure from these shores might do more to swell the Conservatives’ electoral chances than much else flowing out of their dull manifesto. His reason? He criticises the Conservatives’ treatment of LGBTQ people and said he sometimes feels ‘terrified’ to be a gay man in Britain. 

I find this truly remarkable. Big business, central government, local government, small business, every political party, the universities, every school, many churches, town centres, every section of media…are regularly flying the rainbow flag and bragging of their LGBTQ+ credentials. Yet privately-educated, wealthy Will is “terrified”, which he presumably wasn't in previous decades, before Pride ideology saturated every area of life. To which country will he migrate? Iran? Russia? I guess millionaires have that freedom of choice, so I might suggest the Bahamas, assuming his claims are sincere. Rather than rejoicing in the tolerance and acceptance he enjoys in this land, he resorts to hysteria. A part of me is rather sympathetic to Labour winning the next election, but it should do so without help from this prima donna’s silly outbursts. 

Whoever wins the next general election is likely to do much that is contrary to common sense and Biblical theology, yet for them we shall pray, regardless of the victorious rosette's colour. 

Image by Filmbetrachter from Pixabay