Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (20th Dec 1899 to 1st March 1981)

(We did seek a photograph of the Doctor that was not subject to copyright; even the Foundation that bears his name could not provide one. His modesty was such that he objected to being photographed.)

Early Years

1905 Family move to Llangeitho. 1911 Scholarship for Tregaron Boarding School. Very homesick. By 1913 decides to study to become a doctor. 1914 Move of family to London & a new family business, enabling MLJ to be sent to grammar school to prepare for a career in medicine. Meets Bethan Phillips. 1916 Enters St Bartholomew's teaching hospital as a Student to Harley St specialist Sir Thomas Horder, physician for the Royal Family, & in 1921 appointed Horder's junior physician then in 1923 his chief clinical assistant. MLJ was shocked by the ungodliness of many aristocrats. 1925 Conversion - Preaching - Increasing shift to evangelical expository preaching influenced by the Puritans.

First Ministry Bethlehem Forward Movement Mission - Sandfields, Aberavon, Port Talbot, South Wales.

1927 Marriage & full time ministry in a working class dockland area in the grip of the Great Depression for a Harley St Heart Specialist, who rejected Liberal theology, removed all the social activities from the chapel and preached expository sermons to a largely uneducated congregation - surely this could not work! But:

  • Many converted from within the congregation and the neighbourhood.

  • 1929 70 souls saved, 1930 128 souls, 1931 135 souls. B H Edwards called it Revival.

1935 The IVF (UCCF) ask MLJ to address its annual conference & in 1939 he became its President.

Second Ministry Westminster Chapel, London.

1937 Preaching in the USA with G Campbell Morgan of Westminster Chapel in the congregation who asks MLJ to join him at the Chapel - refuses the invitation but Providence took him there in 1938 as joint minister, becoming sole minister in 1943 until retirement in 1968 - one of the most successful ministries of the 20th C, stressing:

  • Preaching. Immediately disbanding the Chapel Choir & any activity that detracted from the pulpit.

  • An All Round Ministry. To fulfil Eph 4:11 each week he preached Pastorally on Sunday morning, Evangelistically in the evening and delivered doctrinal teaching on Friday night.

  • Most Varied Congregation. Every class, nationality, social background, level of education - young & old found his preaching was understood, relevant & spiritually profitable.

  • 'Theology on Fire'. Or 'Logic on Fire'; MLJ plainly expounded Scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit in the way the apostles did, 1 Thes 1:5; 1 Cor 2:1-4 & within 4 years of becoming sole minister the congregation had risen to 1500 on a Sunday morning and 2000 in the evening.

Other Ministries Alongside that of Westminster Chapel.

1945 Became the first Chairman of the newly formed IFES drawing up its basis of faith.

Westminster Ministers' Fraternal. Through which he was the 'Pastors' Pastor' for 40 years for its 400 attendees.

The Puritan Conference. Encouraging interest in Puritan Reformed Theology.

Evangelical Movement of Wales. Many students were converted in Wales in the 1940s and MLJ encouraged them to form the EMW through which many came into the ministry.

Concern For The Church 1966 Onwards

18 Oct 1966 MLJ asked to address the National Evangelical Assembly chaired by John Stott. Concerned about church leaders who denied the gospel he challenged evangelical ministers to consider whether they could keep a good conscience and remain within denominations whose leaders denied truth fundamental to the gospel .

Post 1966 Another danger reared its head. MLJ could see that in some local churches the resurgence of preaching Reformed Doctrine which began in the 1930s & 1940s with his own and others ministries' could descend into 'arid doctrinaire hardness'. He began to give added stress for the need for Revival - an outpouring of the Holy Spirit:

  • 1968 Serious illness led to retirement from Westminster Chapel but resulted in a wider itinerant ministry and more time devoted to publication of his sermons - opening his ministry to the nation as a whole.

  • Publication Some of his sermons had already been published; The Sermon on the Mount 1959, Spiritual Depression 1965, Faith on Trial - a study of Psalm 73 1965, God the Father God the Son 1966(the first of three volumes on Biblical Doctrine). Now more followed:

    • Romans 1970 onwards, beginning with chapter 3 'Atonement and Justification'.

    • Preaching and Preachers 1971. Lectures delivered in the USA in 1969.

    • Ephesians 1972 onwards, beginning with chapter 2 'God's Way of Reconciliation'.

Publication continued after his death in 1981.

  • Pastors' Pastor Retirement meant he devoted much time to helping other men in the ministry

Final Days 'Our people die well' - John Wesley.

1979 Illness meant cancellation of all engagements which were resumed in 1980 but by December were stopped again. He began to dictate his memoirs to I H Murray, now his official biographer with two large volumes published by Banner of Truth:

  • 'Not Sad' In great pain the doctor treating him asked if he could prescribe something to give relief because he did not like to see him look 'so sad'. Barely able to speak MLJ replied 'not sad'.

  • Feb 1981 He told his family not to pray for healing, not to hold him back from glory and he went to be with his Lord on 1st March 1981, St David's Day.......and what a David he was!!!


Extracts From some of MLJ's published sermons.

If you can get hold of the books you might want to look at the following to sample his ministry:

  • Studies in the Sermon On The Mount.                     Ps 314/315

    • The wrong attitude to the Sermon On The Mount

  • Faith On Trial (Psalm 73)                     Ps 51/52

    • The bankruptcy of the non-Christian life

  • God the Father God the Son                      Ps 138/139

    • Evolution is utterly implausible

  • Romans Volume 3 Atonement and Justification                     Ps70/71

    • The meaning & importance of Propitiation

  • Preaching and Preachers                     P97

    • Preaching is 'Logic on fire'

  • Ephesians Volume 6 Life In The Spirit                     Ps 85/86

    • Application of the principle 'Submitting to one another'

  • What is an Evangelical                     Ps 22-24

    • Succumbing to the ecumenical spirit

  • Unity In Truth                     P126

    • The role of the church

  • Revival                     Ps 124/125

    • The danger of self-reliance in the church

  • Evangelistic Sermons                     Ps 7/8

    • Receiving the kingdom of God as a little child

Better still read the whole books. You will be well taught by a man whose ministry God delighted touse.