I Hear the Sound

I Hear the Sound

I hear the sound of rustling in the leaves of the trees,
The Spirit of the Lord has come down on the earth.
The Church that seemed in slumber has now risen from its knees
And dry bones are responding with the fruits of new birth.
Oh, this is now a time for declaration,
The Word will go to all men everywhere,
The Church is here for healing of the nations,
Behold, the day of Jesus drawing near.

My tongue will be the pen of a ready writer,
And what the Father gives to me I’ll sing,
I only want to be His breath,
I only want to glorify the King.

And all around the world the body waits expectantly,
The promise of the Father is now ready to fall,
The watchmen on the tower all exhort us to prepare,
And the Church responds – a people who will answer the call.
And this is not a phase which is passing,
It’s the start of an age that is to come;
And where is the wise man and the scoffer?
Before the face of Jesus they are dumb.

A body now prepared by God and ready for war,
The prompting of the Spirit is our word of command.
We rise, a mighty army, at the bidding of the Lord,
The devils see and fear, for their time is at hand.
And children of the Lord hear our commission,
That we should love and serve our God as one.
The spirit won’t be hindered by division,
In the perfect work that Jesus has begun.

-Ronnie Wilson, Thankyou Music