Post-Lockdown Risk Assessment

On 1st July 2020, the pastor, deacons and chairman of the trustees met to discuss the chapel's re-opening and the actions required to ensure safety. A risk assessment has been drawn up (see the link at the bottom), though a short summary of the measures taken follows:

  • Salem Chapel will be open for public worship at 10.45 on Sunday 5th July.
  • The Evening service will be conducted live at 6.00 in the usual manner.
  • An afternoon service at 4pm will be offered via Zoom for those who sheild. 
  • The Wednesday service and prayer will take place in the chapel at 7.30.
  • The Thursday Bible Study will be via Zoom at 7.45.

This provides for those unable to attend in person, though the situation will be reviewed regularly from Wednesday 15th July. Those who attend in person are asked to observe the following protocols to keep us compliant with Health & Safety:

  • Please sanitise hands before entering the building- tables with sanitizer will be outside the main entrances.
  • A register of attenders will be kept for 21 days in the event of tracing requirements
  • Please avoid taped-off pews and sit together as couples or families. Unaccompanied individuals are asked to use the back row. This enables us to maximise capacity.
  • Those not wishing to be near singing may occupy the Upper Room where the service will be relayed via speakers.
  • Those in the main room may sing, but are asked to do so more quietly than otherwise.
  • If possible, bring your own Bibles.
  • Avoid physical touching and socialising in the building both before and after.
  • Vulnerable groups (e.g. asthmatics and over 70s) should consider government advice and take precautions or absent themselves
  • Those who wish to give financially should consider electronic methods:


Sort Code: 09-01-51

Account Number: 40549900

  • If you normally share a vehicle with people from other households or support bubbles for essential journeys, the government recommends you find a different way to travel. For example, consider walking, cycling or using your own vehicle if you can. There is further advice where car sharing cannot be avoided.
  • Communion will be shared, but cups and bread will be left by allocated seats before the service begins.

Risk Assessment

From 8/8/20, the Government requires face masks to be worn indoors. The congregation have been advised of this by email (8/8/20) and signs up by the main doors. Spare, disposable masks will be made available by the chapel entrance. 

A third national lockdown was imposed in January 2021. Places of worship were permitted to remain open, but the Lancashire Resilience Forum requested that churches close voluntarily. Although we have elected not to do so, exercising our legal right to remain open, an email has been sent to all regulars urging compliance with the rules on keeping apart, wearing masks, and the pastor will further disinfect entrances and exits before and after meetings as people pass through them.