We Praise You, We Bless You

We Praise You, We Bless You

We praise You, we bless You, our Saviour divine,
All power and dominion are Yours for all time!
We sing of Your mercy with joyful acclaim,
For You have redeemed us: all praise to Your name!

All honour and praise to Your excellent name,
Your love is unchanging – for ever the same!
We bless and adore You, O Saviour and King;
With joy and thanksgiving Your praises we sing!

The strength of the hills and the depths of the sea,
The earth and its fullness, Yours always shall be;
And yet to the lowly You listen with care,
So ready their humble petitions to hear.

Your infinite goodness our tongues shall employ;
You give to us richly all things to enjoy;
We’ll follow Your footsteps, we’ll rest in Your love,
And soon we shall praise You in mansions above!

Fanny J Crosby (alt. Horrobin/Leavers)