Numbers 15:32-36

Alan Marsden
Sunday, 12 April, 2020 - 18:00

Just another helpless and hopless sinner dying. How he needed the risen Christ!


Thine be the Glory

Christ the Lord

Low in the Grave He Lay

Look Ye Saints

Thine Be the Glory -E. Budry

Thine be the glory, risen, Conquering Son,
Endless is the victory Thou o’er death hast won;
Angels in bright raiment rolled the stone away,
Kept Thy folded grave-clothes where Thy body lay.

Thine be the glory, risen, Conquering Son,
Endless is the victory Thou o’er death hast won.

Lo! Jesus meets us, risen from the tomb;
Lovingly He greets us, scatters fear and gloom;
Let the Church with gladness, hymns of triumph sing,
For her Lord now liveth, death hath lost its sting.

No more we doubt Thee, glorious Prince of life;
Life is nought without Thee; aid us in our strife:
Make us more than conquerors through Thy deathless love:
Bring us safe through Jordan to Thy home above.


Christ the Lord is Risen Today! -C. Wesley

Christ the Lord is risen today!
Sons of men and angels say,
Raise your songs and triumphs high:
Sing, ye heavens; thou earth reply:

Love’s redeeming work is done,
Fought the fight, the battle won:
Lo! Our sun’s eclipse is o’er;
Lo! He sets in blood no more.

Vain the stone, the watch, the seal,
Christ hath burst the gates of hell;
Death in vain forbids Him rise;
Christ hath opened paradise.

Lives again our glorious King:
Where, O death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save:
Where’s thy victory, O grave?

Soar we now where Christ hath led,
Following our exalted Head:
Made like Him, like Him we rise;
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies.

Hail! The Lord of earth and heaven;
Praise to Thee by both be given,
Thee we greet triumphant now:
Hail! The Resurrection, Thou!


Low in the Grave He Lay -R. Lowry

Low in the grave He lay -
Jesus my Saviour!
Waiting the coming day –
Jesus my Lord!

Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes;
He arose, a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives for ever with His saints to reign;
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Vainly they watch His bed -
Jesus my Saviour!
Vainly they seal the dead -
Jesus my Lord!

Death cannot keep His prey -
Jesus my Saviour!
He tore the bars away -
Jesus my Lord!


Look, ye Saints -T. Kelly

Look, ye saints! The sight is glorious;
See the Man of Sorrows now
From the fight return victorious,
Every knee to Him shall bow:
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crowns become the Victor’s brow.

Crown the Saviour! Angels crown Him,
Rich the trophies Jesus brings;
In the seat of power enthrone Him,
While the vault of heaven rings;
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crown the Saviour King of kings!

Sinners in derision crowned Him,
Mocking thus the Saviour’s claim;
Saints and angels crowd around Him,
Own His title, praise His name:
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Spread abroad the Victor’s fame.

Hark, those bursts of acclamation!
Hark, those loud triumphant chords!
Jesus takes the highest station:
O what joy the sight affords!
Crown Him! Crown Him!
Crown Him! Crown Him!
King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Piano: Bill Ashton

Singer: Hilary Ashton